Card Readings

All my services cost $2.00 per minute. I accept checks, cash, and electronic transfers. My sessions can last 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, or 90 min. You can combine them anyway you like.

Tarot Card Journey

This deck is very popular among phychic readers and has been around for many years. I use the original Ryder deck and have taught myself how to use it. This was my first deck that I used to do readings for my friends and family at the age of 12. I am very familiar with this deck.

Angel card readings

This deck is from Doreen Virtue, one of my teachers that certified me. This deck uses elements and different angels to guide you. It is a great deck with beatiful illustrations and brief descriptions to help you out on your journey.

Star seed card readings

This deck is one of my favorite and is a great guide not only for readings but as a tool for mediumship. If you want to contact those who passed this special deck is for you. It is larger than most card decks and very nicely illustrated.

Other card readings

I have several Tarot decks you can choose from just ask if you are interested in a different deck then listed above.

Energy Healing Techniques

Reiki Healing

A gentle healing technique that uses touch to help clients relax and heal from issues they are having. I am certified reiki master and teacher who is very professional in this field and will help you the best I can. I cannot guarantee healing taking place but there have been many people who have felt better after my treatment.

Chakra Balancing

Everyone of us has chakras and the key to healing is to keep them active and balanced so energy can flow freely through the body. Chakra healing is an ancient technique that has been around for many years. Our chakras get unbalanced, blocked up and inactive and this can cause issues to develop. What I do with this technique is clear your chakras and balance your energy flow. It is great for people of all ages and has helped many.

Phychic Surgery

This is a technique that uses a hidden reiki energy to cut through physical and energy buildups in your body. It can only be used for about 5 to 15 minutes depending on the issue you want to work on.

Various Healing Techniques

I have been trained in various other healing techniques that I might use during your sessions, I combine them together with my main energy healing training.


Private Guided Meditation

I have trained with monks and have learned many meditation types, not only breathing, but also guided and silent. I sometimes use them during a session to help my clients relax and connect to the natural world around them. I can teach you meditation privately or in a group setting. It not only helps you connect to yourself, but the energy found all around us. It is great for both children and adults, especially in this stressful environment we are facing today.