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      Welcome all?  Let me help you take an inner journey. I can guide you in discovering your true path in life.  Get insights into career, relationships, and much more.  Ten years of psychic reading experience.  

Back Ground

      I have had many psychic gifts since I was a child. At age four I was able to connect to the other side and tap into the energy imprints of earth.  Everything leaves imprints from people who walked the earth before us to every animal and living creature that ever lived.

     Let me give you insights  into your life. Are you in the right relationship? Do you have a job in the horizon? Will your budget get better. I can help you answer all these questions and more.  Lets me be your guide to your pathway.        


      I use many tools to guide you. Pick the tool or let me pick it for you. The list can be found below:

1) Basic Tarot Deck.
2) Dragon Tarot Deck
3) Celtic Tarot Deck.
4) Spirit Tarot Deck
5) Angel Tarot Deck
6) Animal Tarot Deck.
7) If you like I can use no Deck at all.


Why get a reading? It will guide you on your life path.

What will it do for me? It will give insights into what to expect.

How will I benefit from a reading? You will benefit by having someone gifted to talk to and help you out.

Is a reading scary? It can be scary at first but once you adjust it is lots of fun.

Do I do Parties? Yes I do parties for both adults and children.

How good is meditation for my health? It is very helpful to everyone since we all live in a very stressful society.

Can my children benefit from a reading and meditation? Yes they can.

Are readings save? They are save and fun for everyone.



What I offer Price
Individual Reading 40-60 minutes $50
Parent Child reading 40-60 minutes share the time how you like $55
Child readings children age 18 and younger 40-60 minutes $40
Book Counseling by a certified librarian all ages 40-60 minutes $60
Fansation Meditation For 15 minutes, The prize is per child. $10
Fansation Meditation for 30 minutes, the prize is per child. $20
Guided Meditation for 30 minutes, The prize is per adult.  $40
Guided Meditation for 45 minutes, The prize is per adult. $50

Contact information

Personal Readings in NYC Area.

David Bernstein
(914) 681-1804

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