“David’s dedication and consistency are impressive! I appreciate him for all the space and guidance he has created for us in the meditation circle. Robin

“I first met David Bernstein several years ago at an all-day and lecture at Wainwright House in Rye, New York. It was my first time there and was excited to attend the lectures and have a reading. I had gone to the upstairs leve and found David near the entrance to the doorway of the room he was using. On that day he was doing Reiki Healing sessions. I was very drawn to this energy and immediately signed up for a session with him. My instincts about him proved to be correct. During that session he did some Chakra balancing and energy work. I felt better and calmer when I left the session, I also found that I had found a spiritual teacher and friend as well. I have been attending David’s bi-monthly Meditation/Reiki healing circle and feel through his guidance that I have grown and progressed in a spiritual way. David’s meetings have given me tools and resources that have helped me cope and come through a very difficult year, which included dealing with a loved one’s cancer and the loss of two key full-time employees, which in a small business such as mine left a very strong impact. So many people asked me how I was able to cope so well. I took some of those people to the meditation meetings to see for themselves. David is a Gifted Healer! I have always had faith in God and Jesus. David has helped me access my relationship with God. His Reiki/Meditation teachings and guidance has helped me find Balance, Quiet, Peace, Serenity, Empowerment and Health. Carolyn Massi

“My experience with David has been phenomenal as a student and as his client. He has taught me healing techniques that have benefited me and my daughter greatly, he has been the gateway of heaven and earth for us. I never knew of energy healing before him. I never knew the capacity of a being to attain self-love and forgiveness. It has been a new beginning and we wish that for you. David, Andrea and the systemic psychotherapy center wishes you a great success, peace be forever with you in your walk and last exit through the Earth. Andrea Ott”

May God be your exit! Namaste! Brother 🙂

Andrea Ott, LCSW

Clinic and Training Director of the Systemic Psychotherapy Center

“David is a very spiritual individual who shared his abilities to bring peace and strength to people. He willingly gave Reiki sessions that connected himself to the spirit world and received messages that he shared with the people he was helping. Linda